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8 piece drum sets

If you have 8 piece drum sets, you can know that it is a set that is created for those people who have been drumming for at least a little while. Whereas a 7 piece drum set is for those of a slightly more simple talent level, the 8 piece sets are designed for those who already have a pretty good idea about what they are doing on the drums.

There are several items and pieces that could be included on 8 piece drum sets, but there are some items that you are sure to find on these sets, including:

Toms ? These are the drums in the kit that you buy. Sometimes these drums are used with bottom heads, but sometimes they are removed. These kinds of drums sound with a deep, round tone. When the toms are placed on the bass drum or on a stand, they are often referred to as “mounted toms.” On the other end of the spectrum, those toms that actually have their own legs and stand on their own are referred to as “floor toms.”

Cymbals ? Most of the high-quality cymbals are made from an alloy of brass and bronze. Cymbals are the items that add that extra little “splash” to the drum kit. Even though to the beginner almost all of the different types of cymbals may sound the same, most drummers are able to pick up on the differences in sound as their drum-playing ability matures. Most of the 8 piece drum sets that you can buy will include a ride cymbal, a crash cymbal and a pair of hi-hats. Many people replace or alter the cymbals slightly to find different sounds as their skills improve.

While 8 piece drum sets are not for everybody, if you have had a little experience on the drums, you definitely may find that such a drum set could be to your liking.